Number 6, Persant Road
16mm film transferred to digital with sound

Number 6, Persant Road, Excalibur Estate, Catford is one of the last prefabricated houses left in Britain and is due for demolition at the end of 2012 . The prefabs were initially built after the Second World War to satisfy the housing crisis and the majority were let to the returning servicemen. The estate was built by German prisoners of war. Under the Decent Homes programme all council-owned properties should be dry, safe and warm, have a modern bathroom and kitchen and be in a good state of repair. According to a Lewisham Council survey, none of the 187 bungalows on the Excalibur Estate meet the standard. The residents on Excalibur Estate have fought for their homes for many years with mixed success. Two years ago six prefabs were saved by English Heritage. However, this year the remaining residents lost their fight. This project aims to document the estate, its residents and their campaign.